Sunday service with Pastor Nena

Hanna, Lisaleen, and the children dressed in "uniform" for Sunday morning service.

Reverend Nena, grandpa, in the pulpit, delivered a sermon on the first public service given by Dr. Reverend Benjamin Gallen Snow in 1852.

From Kosrae Mission 1852 to 1857:

"Religious services had been held on one or another of the eight vessels that had visited the harbor on six of the first eight sabbaths after the Caroline sailed which were attended by the King [[Togusrai]] and his people, and on the 12th of December public worship was commenced on shore for natives alone in Mr. Snow's capacious hall. The dialect used was that pleasantly termed "King George's or Strong's Island English, - a broken sailors "lingo" of no small power when skillfully wielded."

"The most important achievement of the day," writes Mr. Snow, "was to induce them to stand erect when I pronounce the benediction, the like of which had not been seen on the island before, perhaps, for it is contrary to their custom that any of the common people, or even of the chiefs, should stand erect in the presence of of the King and Queen. I requested it however, hardly considering {page 4} what I was doing; but after it was undertaken I thought it of some importance to carry it through especially as the King and Queen cordially seconded the movement. I did not put the request on the ground of a personal wish, but, as the messenger of the Lord, I asked them in this act to forget the King, forget the Queen, and think only of God. It was really, therefore, a great religious victory, and it was not obtained without a severe struggle. I waited until they were all up, though some secreted themselves in my entries and others turned their back towards me, covering their faces as best they could. In some respects it was a very ludicrous affair. I had less difficulty the following sabbath; but there was for several weeks more or less giggling about it till the King talked to them quite at length; after which they not only stood very readily but faced me like a civilized audience."

Their position in prayer is certainly very devotional to a looker on. As they sit on the floor, the males having both legs upon one side, doubled under them in part, and the females having a leg on each side, with their feet so turned out as not to sit on them but to rest entirely on the floor [editor: muhta liplip]. They lean forward, and bow quite to the ground, and thus exclude all chance of looking about; which makes them the more outwardly devout and the stillest audience I have {page 5} seen."

The subject of this first discourse on Kusaie was the fourth commandment and the very gratifying result was that before another sacred day arrived, labor on the sabbath was prohibited."

Pastor Nena reminded the gathered Kosraeans that Sunday is the Lord's day and should be given to worship, reading the bible, and discussing the bible. Sunday is not a day for work, picnicing, barbecuing, swimming at Nihco marine park, long distance travel, typing on computers, or any other activity not focused on worship.

Saturday evening the newest RipStik capable member of the family, Lisaleen, demonstrated a new capability - two person stand up riding. Needless to say, do not try this at home with babies you may find around your home.
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