Ethnobotanical garden visit

The ethnobotany class no longer needs to clean up the garden - the grounds crew has stepped in. The class worked on fencing in some of the smaller plants and hand cleaning around other plants.

A soft taro plant was hit with a weed whacker, hence it is leafless. The fence should help.

The banana patch was weed whacked, unfortunately three very small banana plants were whacked in the process. Deisleen surveys the banana patch above. There would have been no way to have seen them below the grass.

One banana was found minus all leaves, Reedwin and Jason worked to put a fence around it. I probably need to add plastic flags.
Amilain rakes around a surviving banana.

 A student mistakenly pulled up the unidentified Yapese medicine plant next to the Jasminium sambac.

 Hand weeding near the jasmine, Amilain, Yolanda, and Dayne.

Yolanda considers Chromolaena odorata.
Clerodendrum inerme in bloom.
Not related, other than being the same afternoon, but water blasting cement in a church dress. Not unusual out here. Dress your best for all occasions.

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