RipStik Forces

The longer acceleration run and higher final velocity seen this fall term led to a more complex force graph.

 Click on the table image to enlarge it. The use of a table image is intentional - has to do with the loss of formatting for tables when fed into other sites such as FaceBook notes.

Note that the above table calculates the force both as the change in momentum p and the mass m times the acceleration a. The two results are identical.
Note that my force rose to around 12 Newtons, but at about 2.5 m/s the force I was exerting became "unstable" and rose, fell, and then rose again. At 2.5 m/s I am at my jogging speed, at 3.0 m/s I am running. Up near 4.0 m/s I am starting to exceed the speed at which I can jump from the board at sidewalk's end. Part of the force variation is my own uncertainty of my abilities at high speeds. I "backed" off around the fifth or sixth column, and then opted to push hard into the final stretch of sidewalk.

There is a cement gap further beyond the one seen above that is also a cause for some concern.

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