Latitude and longitude: meters per minute

Laboratory 072 began with resetting the GPS units. Brian, Sussy, and Joshua reset the tripodometers on their GPS units.

Yvonne Sue heads down the new sidewalk with the surveyor's wheel, Adam and Tellez in tow.

Joshua follows remains on his line of longitude, tracking due north through the parking lot.

Sussy approaches N 6° 54.593' while walking north on the E 158° 09.564 line of longitude. Data gathered in the two sections is in a Google docs spreadsheet.

Modified the lab and rubric to include an error analysis on the circumference of the earth which I calculated in class. Three years ago this was left as an exercise for the students. The students were unable to complete the task. A year and half ago I dropped the circumference calculation. Slightly better preparation on Monday and Wednesday have encouraged me to reinclude the error analysis task, but using the calculated circumpolar distance determined by me in class.
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