Healing plant presentations

The ethnobotany class students gave individual presentations on healing plants. The following are some images and information from a sample of these presentations.

Yolanda, Pohnpei
Yolanda presented tehn sekesek which is used as a cold tea for fever. I could not confirm nor identify the plant from the three leaves brought into class.
SepeBrianna, Kosrae
SepeBrianna brought in Clerodendrum inerme, kwacwak in Kosraen. For soft skin boil the leaves in water and then bathe in the cooled infusion.
Rosalinda, Pohnpei
The flowers of Hibiscus tiliaceus (keleu) can be used to remove the discoloration due to bruising. The black/red portion of the blossom is rubbed on the bruise mark to hide or remove the bruise.
Rafaila, Pohnpei
Rafaila brought in what appeared to be Blechnum orientale. Locally known as limenkasar, Rafaila referred to the plant as lipahdoamoadi and spoke of its use in bring boils to a head.
Monalisa, Pohnpei
Monalisa brought in kisinioang, tumeric ginger, Curcuma longa.She noted the use of the rhizome use in kei (coconut oil for the skin) and soup. Specific medicinal uses are not included in my notes.

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