Ball arc

Exercise 031, the mapping of the parabolic arc of a ball, was modified this term. I wanted more data points than the exercise traditionally generates. I hit upon the idea of keeping the arc wholly on the white board and using an army of students with markers to capture the ball arc data points.
Angelo pitched while Adam caught, Loioishi is turned towards the camera. Each student holds a white board marker.
The table can be seen behind Sanolyn. Along the uppermost part of the board are a few of data points gathered. Click on the image for an enlarged view of the board notes. The vertex, (0, 110) is at the midpoint where the boards join. A long low arc was required to keep the whole arc on the board.

The third column of the table is to include the theoretic values based on the equation in the book.The home is the graph the three columns and describe whether the equation appears to well match the actual path of the ball in the air. Is the arc actually described by a quadratic equation and thus parabolic?

And now, in the words of Monty Python, for something completely different.
Habanero pepper.

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