Dien on a Friday evening

After having completed initial drafts of my three course outlines in the new format, submitted my syllabi, and learned that the result of the job audit is that the faculty salaries are on the fifth percentile (bottom five percent) against a regional market basket - which confirmed my gut sense that the salary issue is an existential threat to the future of the college over the long haul if not resolved - I felt celebratory and headed for Dien to enjoy the finest mud in Kitti.

Soumas en kosapw Dien, Elwel Samuel, - chief of the land unit - was in residence. 
The production facility in operation. Fresh pounded.
Daisleen attends the college and also works for the family in the store and the market.
A timer self-portrait. Dien now serves in large bottles, four dollars a bottle. One market up the road towards town the price is 4.50 a bottle, and in town bottles typically sell for five dollars. Not all bottles are equal, and, in general, the further townward one travels the higher the water content. The bottles in Dien were thick and filled with sakau sludge solids.
Daisleen obliged me by taking this picture.
Detrickson "Naniyeh" Daniel joined market. His sister had just returned from the Microgames with seven gold and six silver medals in swimming events.
Sunset in Dien is a good space-time place to be.
On a more serious note, the child in front has strabismus, a condition which undoubtedly cannot be effectively dealt with out here.
These images and more from the evening begin on panel nine, image 166, of a larger summer album in FaceBook.

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