My son and I accompanied the marine science program coordinator for a trip to obtain gobis for an aquarium at the college.

A boat trip on a tropical lagoon is magic enough for a young lad.
Pohnpei outside of Kolonia is exotic and appears uninhabited when seen from the lagoon.
As ride-alongs we enjoyed snorkeling among the many colorful fish and coral.

As a physical science instructor I am literally a fish out of my water in identifying the fish and coral we saw.

Wide-eyed at the wonders of Jacques Cousteau's Silent World, especially when a black tip shard swam lazily by. Up close and personal is better than Discovery Channel.

Healthy coral comes in a wide variety of colors.

The shapes and variety of coral are many.

Along the Intertropical Convergence Zone heavy tropical rain can move in at any time.
Heading home.
Lino caught the fish, Brian shows it off.

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