Na Na Na

The play-offs for a basketball tournament were in action at Enipein Elementary School in Kitti, Pohnpei, on Sunday evening.

Over at Na Na Na market the ukeleles were out and playing. The market is the largest and most consistent of the markets in Kitti. Using a continuously reloaded peitehl, the market offers both pohn takai and by-the-cup options. Continuouly reloaded stones provide strong sakau on into the evening.

The market attract both youth and elders. The younger crowd sits at tables dispersed around the edges of the market and prefers sakau by the cup. The market is a meet and greet place for the youth, under the watchful eyes of the elders. At least until we go na na na.

I took the stone option, six dollars all you can drink as long as you can drink. Sakau prices are going up steeply. Bottles in Pehleng are 4.50 for a full size bottle, Kolonia sells weaker stuff for five and up. All of the major markets around Kolonia are eight dollars pohn takai, ten dollars if you want your own personal refilling cup. A couple markets, Sofia's at Namiki and one up near sunset are ten dollars flat pohn takai. For the nightly drinker, sakau is now an expensive drug habit!

Present at my table were Daug Kitti, a Nan Madeu, a Kaniki, and a Nahnihd among others.

The market owners run both the market and a key store in Enipein. Both operations are quite successful. The owners recently returned from a trip abroad bringing with four laptop computers. Two were sold in the store, one is for the daughter's use in school, and the fourth will be the raffle prize at market fund-raiser on Tuesday.

As the sun slants away into the west, the market rolls on into the evening. While the markets are not culturally correct in terms of the sakau coming to you (instead of you being called to the sakau), the markets are a place that both the elders and the youth join together in the evening. Seated separately out of respect, there is still the communal bond that keeps the society functioning as a healthy social entity.

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