Haruki Flowers

On the to do list this summer was cleaning up Haruki. cemetery. The ethnobotany class tackles this task on Ohigan, March 21 and September 21. I try to tackle it on the solstices, December 21 and June 21 or thereabouts. Summer school delayed my getting up there to whack down the razor grass and unbury the plants. Unburying is the main task in this cemetery.

Despite being covered by reh padil, the plants were in profuse bloom.
Weeding around an agave means bleeding around the agave. What is a visit to the cemetery without a little pain. A beautiful plant to behold from afar, attempts to hold this plant up close, however, produces holes in one. Gardening and love are like that.
Not all of the flowers are in the Haruki garden. Some flowers are found in the office this summer.

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