Banana tree treasure hunt

The original grid system is preserved in an OpenOffice spreadsheet without banana variety notation. The student source of the particular variety is reported in another spreadsheet. The SVG garden map includes in the desc and title elements information on the variety and student source of the identification. Due to browser implementations as of summer 2010, most browsers are displaying the xlink:title attribute on the anchor element rather than the title with the role attibute set to tooltip. Obtaining full identification information requires digging through the source code for the garden file.  The banana below is apparently in A1.If this is correct, then the banana might be a Preisihl (Brazil) variety.
To the north of the largest of the bananas at grid D1 can be seen the bananas found hidden under the tall grass. If this location is correct, then the variety may be that known as Kaimana, Kundihna, and Pisang Awak White.
Serious neglect and the impact of the January to March dry spell have impacted these bananas apparently in D2, D3, and C4. These are, potentially, Akadahn weitahtah, Karat en Kariki, and Tikahp.
Probable C4 banana.
At present it appears that five of the fourteen have survived over the past two years.

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