FireFox 3.7 brings SVG animateMotion

Mozilla Developer Preview 3.7 alpha 5 brings support for animateMotion to web pages. An animation of a ball bouncing once on a parabolic bounce can now be achieved with a single, short path statement. Achieving accelerated motion appears to require a good deal more work, but the basics for animated physical science diagrams are in place. Opera and Google Chrome already support SVG animation, however the college systems use FireFox, thus Mozilla support for SVG is critical. With the ability to animate diagrams, students in remote locations on links too narrow for video can better understand the laboratory experiment to be done. While the course laboratories are not yet all designed to be done "from home" there are a significant number that can be done on minimal equipment. Although the exercise remains theoretic, the hypothetical is whether the course could be remotely delivered to an isolated atoll such as Woleai. For most institutions there is no need to consider such as extreme case of distance delivery. For the College of Micronesia-FSM there is more than a hypothetical possibility of desiring delivery to a remote atoll. There are high school teachers out on atolls such as at Weipat high school on Ulul

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