The Kubrick Stare

One of her earliest gifts has been the Kubrick stare. By two years old she had begun to show signs of "the look."
Her skills rapidly developed in the early years, with food often being an accompanying theme. Her displeasure with the dinner service was clearly communicated. Needless to say, alternative dining options were quickly trotted out.
Denying a request for ice cream led to this classic in 2007.
As she perfected her craft, the look had acquired deeper, darker nuances. Detained from swimming because the paternal unit wanted photos of the children led to this glower.
Now able to strike sheer terror into the hearts of her fans, she took her art to a whole new level when she discovered that her father has no skills in braiding hair. At the time this was taken her mother was off-island, and dad had skipped out on the hair-fixing training. 
My thanks to JG for the idea to collect these images together.

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