HTML5 in service of a course calendar

I am building my SC 130 Physical Science summer calendar in XHTML5. The calendar is a work in progress and will evolve continuously throughout the term. Not all features are operational as yet. The beast is done completely in XHTML5 using SVG to build the first table. This was necessary to get the graphic effects used for the written labs. I am certain this will take some explaining to the students day one - I will print the page out and hand it out as a syllabus and calendar. The effort is probably greater than the payoff, this is a one-off just to see if I could make a concept become a reality in XHTML5. In the same vein as Mark Twain noted, those of us who are not paid to code find a relaxing hobby in coding. The tool used to build the page is nothing more than a text editor, specifically NotePad++ on Windows which color codes the XML making finding errors easier. On Ubuntu Linux I use the Gnome gEdit which also color codes.

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