Women and Sport 5k

On Saturday morning 17 April the Women and Sport 5k run was held here in Kolonia, Pohnpei.

By my calculations, Wone clinched the fifty and older master's category with wins for Wone runners in both the womens and mens category. Wone luak took the female win - Elena Salvador Yamada above, while the male win went to a runner with ties to Pahnais, Wone and Dien, Poahleng. Meanwhile I joggled an intentionally slower pace in my new 3010s - my first run in them as they only arrived on island yesterday. I finished in 28:46.

Although I am a flat-footed overpronator who usually runs in motion control shoes, some twinges, increased mileage, and my age suggested I ought to shift to a shoe with more cushioning. I used to run in the ASICS 20xx series, but a pair of ASICS 2080s gave me blisters under my arches. I was concerned that the 3010s might do the same, too much arch does not work well for my feet.

The run this morning was too short, but I felt no hot spots under my arches as I did in the 2080s. I will know better after a few longer runs in the 3010s. My initial reaction is strongly positive, I did not even feel the need to use my gel inserts that I have been using fairly regularly since a bout of Plantar's fasciitus back in 1996.

My son finished in a personal best 34:54.

My eldest came in under 40 for the first time in recent years at 39:27.

Shrue joined and finished with Tamara and Yvonne in 58:17. The youngest was on an overnight with a friend and undoubtedly slept right through the event start time.
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