Founding Day 2010

The College of Micronesias-FSM celebrated founding day on 30 March 2010. On even years, the college celebrates founding day with sport events. Preceding the actual founding day, the students compete in volleyball, basketball, and softball. On the founding day the college gathers at the Pohnpei state track for races and field events.

This year the 200 meter race was run on the "back" 200 meters of the track due to the poor condition of the first 100 meters of the "front" 200 meters. The east side of the track has large folds in the surface. Above the men compete in the 200 meter race.
The women's 200 meter race.
 Rounding the corner.
Sack race action. Other events included the easy dizzy relay, coconut husking, and a tug-of -war.
Sack race, team green having difficulties in the transition.

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