Drawing clouds

Laboratory eight focused on on observation, classification, and naming. The students are to produce a scientifically accurate drawing of a cloud type of their own choice. This unique laboratory uses an art based rubric. This laboratory is also designed in the vein of "doing science" in an elementary school classroom with little or no science specific equipment.

 Eliander works on his drawing.
 Steward attempts altocumulus at sunset.
 Nick opts for Cumulus castellanus.
Lorry-Ann and Joan working on their drawings. The day was a good day for clouds outside replete with ice bows and a relatively rare example of a mammatus cloud. We even had a brief rain shower associated with the mammatus - the only rain in an El NiƱo month.
Mayleen chooses a Cumulus congestus.
Kesusa does a pre-sketch prior to drawing.

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