Dolihnier celebration

Kousapw Dolihner celebrated Rahn en Tiahk with a day of food, dancing, racing, and whole lot of fun at the Pohnpei state track and field. The kousapw divided into three sections, white, red (radio station), and blue.
First section dances with enthusiasm. Seeing the kousapw out and celebrating as a community was reassuring. Kousapw Dolihner at times appears to be a land unit comprised primarily of transient mehnwai. That there is still an active and vibrant traditional presence in the kousapw is a credit to the traditional leadership including forces such as Estanis Suldan and Augustine Damarlane.
Section three dancing with vigor.
Section two radio station.
Racing included all age groups. Here the youngest female athletes compete, with everyone winning a prize.
My youngest toes the line in her age group. Despite the inside lane, she was unable to pull off a win. Just as well, I did not want to have to do the perfunctory parental dance in the middle of the track on behalf of my absent wife.
Off to get their prize.

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