Rotary 5k

The first fun run of 2010 was the Rotary 5k.
I joggled to a finish in 27:29, with my son just behind me at 37 minutes. For me, that is a good time. Last year we ran the same route during the Rotary 5k and I finished in 28:33. Given that I continued running for another half an hour shuttling back down the route to check on children, I have to think that my new running regime is having a distinct impact.
My eldest daughter finished in 45 minutes, well off last year's 36 minute pace. Usually she keeps apace with my son, but today she dropped back and joined a friend. The trophies were taken primarily by a revitalized Pohnpei Track Club who all ran excellent races.

The youngest strolled in after a 54 minute walk and talk with some of her teachers.
 After the run, the part of a Saturday run that all of us look forward to - the victory lap breakfast at the Joy Hotel!


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