Ethnobotany healing plant presentations

The ethnobotany class students gave individual presentations on healing plants. The following are some images and information from a sample of these presentations.
Yvonne Sue of Pohnpei presented on the use of eight inner shoots of the grass reh padil to treat diarrhea.
Jessica of Pohnpei presented on the use of kareretik (a small, very tart likely variety of key lime found here on Pohnpei) to treat kopokop (cough) and inta laud (high blood pressure). For cough, the fruit juice is consumed uncut with water.
Jeffrey presented the Pohnpeian use of topwuk (Premna obtusifolia) in combination with ilau (Clerodendrum inerme) and konok (Piper ponapense) for umwlap (medicinal steam bath). Jeffrey also detailed the resolution of boils, umpwos, using leaves heated on hot rocks and then applied with marekeiso (coconut oil) to the boil.
Qdelia of Pohnpei covered the use of koramahd (coleus) for herpes zoster infection.

Marcia noted the use of i (Morinda citrifolia) to treat diabetes on Kosrae.
Piulyn shared the Mortlockese use of Senna alata to treat skin diseases. The Mortlockese name of the disease and the plant are the same, kushuwa. Senna alata is broadly known for its ability to treat fungal skin diseases and is also known by the disease name on Pohnpei (tuhken kilinwai) and Kosrae (sra kihto).

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