Ethnobotany food presentations

Iumileen prepares Pohnpeian uter en mwahng using taro, coconut, and sugar. The sugar is a modern addition to this food and a student from Yap noted that in Yap taro balls are still made without added sugar. "Go local" is good, but not if one simply adds back in all the salts and sugars found in imported foods.
Leah and Senioleen presented Pohnpeian rohtamahn mwahng.
Vannesa with Kosraean ap made from usr apact (banana) and kaki (coconut milk), wrapped in sra lo (Hibiscus tiliaceus leaf).
Piulyn holds up her Mortlockese ush amad.
Roy presents Pingalapese kesiperper. Although the Kosraean ap, Pohnpeian uht idihd, and Mortlockese ush amad are essentially similar foods, the flavor and texture of each varies with both the culture and the family. Roy's kesiperper had smoky undertones from cooking with local wood. Leaf wrapping choices also varied with the Pohnpeians tending to use banana leaves.

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