Rolling balls and linear relationships

Physical science laboratory two was revised this term to include five different rolling ball speeds including stationary.

The ball being rolled is actually a four square ball. Syd-Lee launches the four-square ball and Tracy holds the "curling" broom.

Keicyleen and Vanessa on the left timing line, Nicole and Jessica on the right line. Krystal can be seen trying jump clear of the ball.

The 8:00 lab used stopwatches to determine the second marks, the 11:00 repeated the experiment but replacing stopwatches with oral counts of the seconds using "one-one thousand..."

To my surprise, the 11:00 data had a higher correlation than the 8:00 data. One major confounding complication: rain forced the 11:00 session into the practice gym and onto the practice gym carpet.

After taking measurements at the gym, the class moved to A204 to enter data. Tracy enters data in the image above.

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