Lycophyte and monilophyte presentations

Students in SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany gave presentations on the botany and local names of cyanobacteria and the primitive plants. 

The cyanobacteria covering Nostoc was one of the best and most detailed I have seen in recent terms.

Carleen and Marsela put together the poster presentation, their coverage was both thorough and comprehensive.

Jeffrey, Fritzgerald, and Leah covered the morphology of Lycophytes.

Yvonne Sue and Jessica presented on the life cycle of ferns.

Adam and Sweeter did a comprehensive and entertaining job on covering monilophyte morphology, with a focus on ferns. 

For the first time in the history of the course plant names in Marshallese were presented, albeit tentatively and not specifically primitive plants. A more comprehensive list exists on the Plants and Environments of the Marshall Islands web site.

Marcia and Vanessa present primitive plant names in Kosraean. For both this was a learning experience, few youth in Kosrae know the names of their plants in their own language.

Anchyleen and Iumileen implicitly tackle the sensitive issue of orthography, phonetic languages, and vowel shifts by presenting the Pohnpeian names side-by-side in the two major dialects.

Joannie gives her best effort on plant names that seemed to be completely unfamiliar to her. Yap too may be experiencing botanic devolution.

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