Christmas presents

After marching earlier today in the church, a return home meant a chance to open presents from grandma.

Took me a while to explain that the concept was a plane-a-day for a year, not 365 planes in one day. Now the calendar graces the living room shelf - it is our only 2010 calendar in the house.

The girls look over a cook book. The youngest was excited when she learned that a cake with sprinkles and pink decorating gel accompanied the cook book.

That is an expression of genuine joy. I hadn't a clue as to what would have made her happy this Christmas, but grandma pegged it. 

When I was a lad, my middle sister and I would often abandon our own gifts and wind up playing with the Fisher Price my youngest sister had received. This was that toy this year, by the end of the evening all three were engaged in firing off Hot Wheels cars. The rig was eventually populated with toy soldiers who would go flying off when a car shot past.

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