Ethnobotany sakau ceremony

The SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany class capped the fall 2009 term with the observing of a traditional sakau ceremony at the home of Simiai Manuel in Lewetik, Sokehs.

Sukusuk with four pounders. The start pattern differed from that which McKaye was familiar with in Pehleng, Kitti. A five tap precedes the kodihd in Lewetik.

An expert menindei guided the ceremony.

Katielyne, Emillia, and Girlynn observe the ceremony.

Simiai prepares for pwehl.

Daryl as oarir for the guest "nahnmwarki" takes the cup from the menindei.

Nayleen demonstrates her keen knowledge of tradition and custom in sitting properly as oarir for nahnalik Tracy.

More information on ethnobotany can be found on the ethnobotany course home page. Information specific to the Pohnpeian sakau ceremony is covered on a page detailing the reasons for the ceremony and the process. From birth to death, Piper methysticum is central to the ceremonial life of Pohnpei and Pohnpeians. The joining of two as husband and wife, the passing of a loved one, and apologies are all centered on and around the ceremony.

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