The Cybercloud

My theory that every single student flash drive on campus is infected with one or another worm or other malware (Conficker, El Dorado, and so many others) was dealt a blow when a single clean drive was discovered. That said, the one exception has been just that, an exception. While better AV choices might reduce the problem, ultimately the vast size of modern flash drives leaves too much room for highly evolved and complex malware replete with anti-AV and anti-update modules. If bandwidth were not the issue that it is at present on campus, then the solution would be to move all student work into the cloud.

Hence Living In a Browser caught my eye. There is virtually nothing the students do at present that cannot now be done in the cloud. Walking around our Learning Resource Center, ChromeOS and the cloud would handle everything I saw being done by our students. I would go a step farther and argue that anything that cannot be done in a browser may not be worth doing - that is, adopting a proprietary desktop-bound solution should be considered only after ruling out cloud options.

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