The Pill

After years of stumbling around in the tropical forests, I have developed a pill that will reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and lower your blood pressure. The pill will both lengthen your life and improve the quality of the lengthened life. There are some provisos, however. You must take the pill every day, although you need take only one a day. The pill consists of all natural unrefined herbal ingredients - which is good news as it means the pill can be classified as a food supplement and not a medicine. This end runs a number of FDA-related issues, as many multi-level marketing food supplement industry types already know.

There is still some work to be done on the formula. At present the pill is rather large. As is very large. Consuming the pill takes a hour. Yes, a whole hour to get the pill down. So you lose an hour a day but add decades to your life. I have not worked out whether the hour loss is offset by the decades of potential gain.

One other complication is that the pill makes you smell bad, stink quite frankly. One has to wash the clothes one was wearing when one took the pill.

In good news, after the age of 40 the prescription eases and one can safely skip taking the pill one day in seven. That said, a daily dose is still the preferred option.

In other good news, the cost of the ingredients is low, at least in the world of medicine. The cost is somewhere around eight to seventeen dollars a month, One usually pays this out in lump sums once every six months to a year.

I suppose the pill is easier to obtain here in the tropics - winter may discourage one from taking the pill. Oh, did I neglect to mention that usually must go outside to take the pill? And remain outside for the full hour?

The pill is now available via my unique global distribution network. The start-up cost for distributors is a good pair of running shorts and shoes, the place to take the pill is the nearest road. Start with small doses, get used to the pill. Maybe even start with walking, build up to running. Until you are running for an hour a day. That is the pill, the magic pill. Every six months to a year replace your shoes. Get your shoes at a store with running specialists if you can - everyone has different feet.

I live in a world in which people believe a pill can work miracles. Where something that is a food supplement is whispered to give hope to diabetics, those with cancer, and cause hair to grow on bald heads. Sometimes there is so much despair and loss of hope in a land wracked by epidemic levels of non-communicable diseases. Yet so few will take the one pill that will really work. Vigorous, sweat inducing, 75% VO-max exercise.

Get out there and run. Run for your life, your good healthy life.

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