Kamadipw en Kousapw Dien

On Saturday 17 October kousapw Dien, Kitti, in Pohnpei honored Soulik Elwel Oaulik Samuel and celebrated another successful year. A kamadipw is a gathering of friends and family, a party, and a kamadipw en kousapw is a relaxed, informal party. Sakau, yams, pigs, sugar cane, and lots of food are central to the activities for the day.

Speeches thank the members of the kousapw, a land unit on Pohnpei, for their hard work and contributions over the past year. Speeches can also lay out the plans for the coming year in the kousapw. At the center of the ceremonial aspects of the kamadipw is the sakau ceremony. The sakau ceremony is involves pounding the sakau and then the presentation of cups.

A kamadipw en kousapw is light-hearted and easy going. Entertainment can include songs on a ukelele and the occasional dancing of a woman who gets caught up in the excitement of the moment.

Leading Kousapw Dien is Elwel Oaulik Samuel.

The kamadipw is a family affair for all ages.

More photos of the festivities!

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