Gymnosperm and economic botany field trip

The SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany class journeyed to the Pohnpei State Botanic Garden at Pwunso, in Kolonia, Pohnpei. The field trip focused on gymnosperms and plants with economic value.

Crushing, smelling, and even occasionally tasting the spice plants was encouraged.

Nicole examines a leaf while Kristina strikes a pose.

The guided tour included cloves, Norfolk Island pine, cinnamon, a cycad, coffee, black pepper, nutmeg, carambola star apple, mahogany, teak, painted eucalyptus, allspice, Callophylum inophyllum, and kauri pine.

Jaykay, Randall, and Angielyne.

Sylvana and Sayleen in front, Girlynn, Beautrina, Nayleen,and Daryl just behind along the road.

Emillia examines Averrhoa carambola, the star apple tree. Girlynn and Sylvana look on at the tree. This Japanese introduction is locally known as ansou.

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