Healing plants presentations

Bersin Elias presented the Pohnpeian use of Dolouroak (Dolourek) in the treatment of umwpwos (boils). The sample lacked flowers and fruit and was not in an condition that permitted identification. As in the bulk of umwpwos treatments, the leaves are rubbed on the boil to bring it to a head more quickly. The presentation and location of the boils provided for a very informative and entertaining presentation.

Gendalin presented the Chuukese use of Chiichi (Microsorum scolopendria) for curing cuts. She also detailed the use of four pounded semi-mature leaves in a tea to stop nausea.

Charlene brought in a whole uhtin menihle to detail the use of banana stem tea to quiet a cough. The stem is cut and boiled to create the tea.

Beautrina presented the Pohnpeian use of Luwadawadmarer (Centella asiatica) for the treatment of excessive crying in babies. Four or eight leaves are squeezed through a cloth onto the forehead (fontanelle) and chest of the baby.

Liwadawadmarer is a form of wini pwere en mwei, medicines to reduce fright, startling, and crying in babies. These medicines are necessary for a child to grow into a mentally and physically healthy adult. Not receiving these medicines produces a child-adult who is immature, prone to fear, and weak.

The class listens to the presentions.

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