Social media survey fall 2009

A convenience sample of 74 students in the MS 150 Statistics class at the College of Micronesia-FSM Palikir national campus fall 2009 produced the following results:

45 MySpace members
41 Bebo members
13 students who use no social media sites
9 FaceBook members
7 Yahoo members
6 Tagged
4 Ning
6 Other [single memberships each in six other social media sites)

Note that students often have membership in more than one site. The seven who listed Yahoo could conceivably be listing that they have an email account with Yahoo. Six of the seven listed no other social media presence.

MySpace and Bebo remain the lead locations for statistics class students in social media space. Many students belong to both, FaceBook is a distant third. At the start of the spring 2009 term, however, no students reported being members of FaceBook. The students had not heard of FaceBook, as unusual as that must sound to those outside of Micronesia.

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