INS Half Marathon

Completed the INS Nakasone half marathon, actually 19.7 km, in 2:06:54. Out of a field of 63 participants I came in 20th. I started out a tad fast, as usual, at 10.1 kph. I would finish at about 9.3 kph, averaging 9.5 kph over the route.

I ran in my END Stumptown 12oz. Still unsure if it is the shoes or just my own tightness, but I had arch problems on my right foot about an hour into the run. Still, I finished. No pictures from the support crew at Koahn, no one was there when I passed by inbound at 17:45. Had George carry a sport drink to the U turn-around, that really helped. The August sun was better than the July sun - more shade along the north side of the road. Air felt drier as well. A good run. Ten minutes faster than last year.

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