Sunday auctions and dinner out

The view from Yellowstone Lutheran Church is spectacular. The church sits on a high bluff west of the Pecatonica river.
The group, in a mix of clothing reflective of the new environment in which the family finds itself, stands for a photo after church.
Later in the day we all went to a large auction in Argyle. Auctions are, for me, sad affairs. All the prized possessions of a life time laid out in the sun and sold off, bit by bit, to the highest bidder. So many memories, some with the energy of emotion attached, scattered to the winds. Still, you really cannot take it with you, and auctions are the ultimate reminder of this.
Kenny attends every auction in the area. A regular with a keen eye, he bids on select items only.
Sunday evening dinner was at the Suisse Haus in Monroe, Wisconsin. They have excellent food, especially their pizzas. Among the many pizzas, the Suisse Haus pizza was phenomenal.

The whole gang ate on the outdoor patio - surely much to the relief of the management and other patrons!

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