The sporting life

A fine morning for a bit of a horse ride in the country side.
Shrue takes hold of the reins during a change in riders.
A rider who is rapidly learning her way around horses.
Following the equestrian activities, ping-pong. Turns out that hay bales do not make a good, level surface for a ping-pong table.
Next to the hay bale mounted ping-pong table, a combination badminton and volleyball at a height determined not by regulation but rather by the placements of branches on the old oak tree.

Yesterday evening while some of the group rode bicycles into Argyle, I jogged a 12.1 km loop into Argyle in 1:18:30. I followed the cyclers into Argyle on Valley Road, meeting up with them near Rossing's store. I then ran up to the water tower and did a single "lap" around the base of the water tower. I went home via state route 78, a road too dangerous for the cyclists which included children.

Such is the sporting life in summer in Argyle - equestrian events, team sports, and aerobic exercise.

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