Jumble Gym

Welcome to the jumble gym, as in jumble of gymnosperm trunks. I added a new section to the perimeter trail run loop. The new section is roughly in the same place as a section I had used at the south end of teal in 2004. A storm a couple years ago took down a dozen trees in the valley and I had not yet tried to open the lost section until today.

The section begins with real simple stuff - a single log laying in the trail.
A double set of logs in the trail.
Further down are single aerial tree trunks.

An aerial triple set of tree trunks that one has to clamber over. Primates only at this point, no equine passage here!
Looking back from the top of the triple one can see the single aerial tree trunks.
The jumble of gymosperms, and angiosperms, ends with a steep uphill climb to the horse arena.

A run of the 2.8 km loop with the new section took about 23 minutes.

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