Duck race in Argyle

After a morning pruning along the pasture perimeter, the crew of fifteen headed to the duck races in Argyle. Duck races are supported by a veritable industry of duck suppliers and professional duck race support companies.
The duck races are held along the mighty Pecatonica river. Even the bridge in Argyle warrants a historic marker.
A crowd gathered for the duck race.
Including relatives from afar.
My crowd opted to coordinate their fashion accessories by choosing to all wear bandanas. Mind you, Wisconsin is strictly baseball cap country.
With each one of us with a stake in a single duck, the race was off. Over 900 ducks hit the river. At a five dollar donation per duck, public community services in Argyle obtains significant funding from the duck race.
The race was hotly contested, as breakaway groups from the peloton would pull away, only to be chased down by the peloton and eventually reeled back in.
Duck number 670 stopped to check out the gathered crowd. Ole' 670 was not a winner today.
In the final stretch the competitors spread out across the river in a mad sprint to the finish.

The winners were posted on the door of the fire station in Argyle. Top prize was $750.00.

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