Southern Wisconsin AirFEST!

Today the family went to the Southern Wisconsin AirFEST! The show was awesome, with great acrobatic displays, an F-16 and the Blue Angels.
The Blue Angels parked on the flight line in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Three children from a distant land in front of an F/A-18 Hornet from the Stennis. My mother is in pink with the bag on the right.

We were unusually fortunate. My mother led us up the flight line past the announcers booth to a taxiway that crossed the main runway. That taxiway turned out to be the point the Blue Angels lined up on as "show center" so all crossings were right in front of us, and all flights perpendicular to the runway went directly overhead. Truly awesome to be at the very middle of a Blue Angels flight demonstration, and my first time to be at the "crossing point." Dinner was at the Chinese buffet in Monroe, all-in-all a lovely day.

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