College of Micronesia-FSM 5k

The whole family turned out for the College of Micronesia-FSM 5k. The eldest took first among the 12 and under.

Bollie Ludwig poses with the first female finisher 12 and under.

Ketson Kapriel with my son post-run.

After I finish my joggle, I run back up the route and then trot in with each of my kids. Up route I caught up with two of the three, but the third slipped past me. When I reached Shrue back down at Spanish wall, she said the youngest was up ahead of her.

Turns out she went straight up weather station hill instead of making the right at Namiki.

After the run the flock adjourned to the Joy Hotel restaurant for the traditional post-run brunch.

Purely tech note: The images represent an experiment in that they are being pulled from my FaceBook photos rather than being held by blogger in Picasa. Clearly this approach needs some work - there are cropping issues for the images. The images are unedited camera shots. Click on an image to see the full image.

Post-script: manually tweaking the width and height in the HTML code view solved the cropping problem.


  1. Always enjoy stopping by and reading your blog....relaxing place to visit....beautiful pix too! Keep up the good work....


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