Ethnobotany class observes sakau ceremony

The SC/SS Ethnobotany class was hosted by Senator Dahker "Nahnihd" Daniel at his nahs in Pehleng, Kitti.

The students observed the traditional preparation and the ceremonial serving of the first five cups. Tyson, Dexter, Christopher, and Redeemer observe the pounding of the sakau.

Women sit along the sides of the nahs. Roxcindlina, Tesiann, Tracy, Krystal, Aleen, and Melojane.

The ceremony included the four pwoaikoar leaves of the wild taro.

The stone is a rare "singing stone" that produces different notes from different places and resonates after each strike like a bell.

The menindei for the ceremony was the highly respected expert on Kitti traditions, Soumaka.

Our host, Nahnihd, is called to the ngarangar.


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