Easter Pineapples

Spring break is cleaning season. The least favored task: weeding in the pineapple patch.

Flannel: not just for cold weather. Our pineapples are not the same as the one's seen in stores abroad. These plants produce a small, almost round fruit that is very sweet. The pineapple does not even taste "pineapply." The downside is that these pineapples have ferociously sharp recurved thorns, tiny little thorns, that break off just under the skin. Vicious little thorns.

Despite the flannel shirt, pineapple thorn damage to my forearm.

Shrue and friend.

New outfits for Easter Sunday! The eldest has entered a teen phase in which one does not smile for photographs taken by parents. The world is about teen angst, misery, and the general oppression of parental units.
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  1. from someone who grew up in the middle of the Del Monte pineapple planation: you lack a thick canvas apron (acts like body armor) and the screen face shield (akin to a fencer's)....in a 2-3 year-old pineapple field, you can never be overdressed!

  2. I concur, no matter the heat there is no such thing as "overdressed" in a pineapple patch.


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