Simple linear regression in optics

Physical science laboratory ten continued the emphasis on seeking linear mathematical relationships between two variables. In the first part of this two part laboratory students measured the object and image distance for a bolt as seen in a mirror. Chersea holds the mirror while Breechlyn adjusts a second bolt behind the mirror. The bolt behind the mirror is positioned at the imaginary location of the image.

Yasko uses a protractor to ensure that the mirror is perpendicular to the table.

Elsieleen, Zillafaith, and Arleen use a pair of meter sticks to improve their accuracy.

In the second part students measured the apparent depth (image depth) for a coin underwater versus the actual depth (object depth). For small angles away from the vertical, the slope should be close to the index of refraction for the coin. Simson and Welianter work with a graduated cylinder which naturally constrains the viewing angle.


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