SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany pulls Clidemia hirta

SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany spent a class period pulling the recently identified invasive species Clidemia hirta. Joining the class were Richard Womack, Konrad Englberger, BJ, and Dickson. Rich teaches science methods, Dickson is a student in the class. Konrad directs Plant Protection Micronesia and provided positive identification of the pest plant. BJ works for Conservation Society of Pohnpei which is coordinating the effort to map and eradicate Clidemia hirta.

Rich and Ruth look over a sprawling patch of Clidemia hirta (Koster's curse).

Konrad joins in the pulling.

Clidemia hirta is a melastome. A local melastome, Melastoma bathicum var. marianum (pisetikimei), has a larger purple flower, a thicker and smoother leaf, and does not form the sprawling bramble that C. hirta forms. C. hirta has a distinctive leaf and a small white flower.

Maybeleen and Marla pull a virtual carpet of C. hirta.


  1. Dana:

    Thank you! These are awesome shot and coverage of your actvity. If you don't mind COM-FSM should post this up on the Kpress. CSP truly appreciate your willingness to make this a part of your class.



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