Lelu water

Kosrae is now bottling and exporting water under the Lelú name. Certainly the rains of Kosrae have to be some of the cleanest on the planet just based on oceanic remoteness. The product is unusual in one respect - a decision was made to try to carve out a market niche using a distinctive bottle and labeling.

The water is named for the municipality of Lelu, spelled on the website as Lelú but the bottle uses a character more akin to a ǔ. The current alphabet in use in Kosrae intentionally eschews accent marks in order to make the language more "keyboard" friendly. The letters "c" and "h" used as a marker to change the tone or length of a vowel, as in "Puhsra sasuc ke sipacl sasuc ke kahs Kosrae ma orekmakihn lacta c ac h ke kahs paclahng in tuh welah ac tuhkuh tukun oacna sie faol in tuh oracluh sie kahs."

Certainly if you are looking to put water on a table where appearances will count, Lelú water would be a good choice.


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