Environmentally neutral design

How well will an Environmentally Neutral Design Stumptown 12oz running shoe hold up in 100% saturating humidity and equatorial rain? I am about to find out.

First impression - light. Too light for an over-pronator who typically wears motion control shoes such as the Mizuno Wave Renegade 4 or ASICS Gel Evolution. The number one cause of shoe death out here: delamination of the multi-layer outsoles due to heat, humidity, and immersion in tropical rain.

On my budget shoes have to last two to three years. The END Stumptown shoes will be an alternate pair to the Renegade 4 shoes I bought in July 2008. Although I try to have two pairs in case of the sudden failure of a pair, since December and the delamination of the Mizuno Wave Renegade 3 shoes, I have been on a single pair. I tried glues of all kinds, to no avail in this climate.
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