Running to the point, Nett point

An evening picnic at Nett point to celebrate a third birthday provided an opportunity for an evening run capped off with a swim and barbecue dinner.

After finishing up marking a batch of papers, I ran to Dausokele bridge about four kilometers out from home. Then I walked up the Paliais side of Nett point, a densely populated area with dogs that are not accustomed to runners. After passing the Mendiola home, last on the road, I continued running the final leg out to the point.

January winds have put a chop on the lagoon. Two small lagoon islands, Lenger on the right, shine in the evening sun. I pulled off my running shoes and dived into the Pacific ocean. Now that is January running that suits me!

Swimming is a survival skill, and that means swimming in currents and waves. Children are scattered from the dock at the point on out towards the east end of the airport runway. One of mine is in farthest group out. Based on the distance to return against the prevailing current, the swimming lessons were well worth the nominal cost.
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