Inaugural lunch

I took Shrue out for our own inaugural lunch at a restaurant with what I consider a better view than that from the statuary room. Continental 956 can be made out climbing out picture center.

While I may occasionally feel a twang of homesickness for the four seasons, winters like the current one remind me that one can always visit the four seasons, but on one need not necessarily live there.

Yesterday when I went out the door on my evening run I knew Shrue was headed to Yoshie. Two blocks out I found a red rubber band in my shoe. It had fallen into the shoe at home, but I did not feel it for the first 600 meters. So I ran down around the back way to Yoshie, put the rubber band on her side view mirror, and then took off from home a little over two kilometers away.

I deemed the run a "race the rubber band" run. I sought to beat the rubber band home. Fortunately Shrue lingered long enough at Yoshie for me to "beat the rubber band home."


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