Lycophyte and monilophyte hike

This term I began again with an eastern start to the hike, if anything increasing the time spent on the east end of campus. One tree in particular forms the starting point - a Premna obtusifolia that has sporophytic moss, Lemmaphyllum accedens, Phymatosorus scolopendria, Davillia pectinata, and Davallia solida.

A heavy overcast threatened rain throughout the period, and rain was falling south of campus, but the hike remained rain free.

Lemmaphyllum accedens

Davillia pectinata

Davillia solida

Phymatosorus scolopendria

Last spring I took a northerly route to see the Lycopodiella cernua in the soccer field. This term a pre-walk revealed a whole new area of Lycopodiella cernua up in the area of the future student union.

Dicranopteris linearis

I started with the Dicranopteris linearis and my story of scrambling around a hill in Weno amid D. linearis looking for Lycopodiella cernua. The two maintenance crew members were puzzled by my searching the ground in an unlikely spot for anything interesting. I surprised myself when I actually did find "unen katu" amid the "anecha."

Lycopodiella cernua

The class had actually passed through a ground stand of L. cernua, including this one with strobili. The I took the class down to the sidewalk by the dining hall and showed them the Nostoc. I dallied long enough to note the resilience of this three billion year survivor. From there I pushed west opting to move directly to the fern forest. I was briefly baffled by the loss of the trail entrance, but once I gained the trail entrance behind the hydroponic unit I found that someone had weed whacked the trail to five feet wide.

Haplopteris elongata

At the usual hilltop spot I covered the usual suspects. Not mentioned below is Cyathea nigricans, which is also present in this area.

Huperzia phlegmaria and an unidentified Nephrolepis

Asplenium laserpitiifolium

Asplenium laserpitiifolium showing its Asplenium heritage in the linear sori

Asplenium laserpitiifolium

Angiopteris evecta

Angiopteris evecta

Scattered on the hill 

Don on the lead here

More of the class coming up the very clear trail


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