Ethnobotany rain final

Rain bands precluded the planned twenty-two plant across campus walk. At 14:20 I made the decision that the 16:20 final would have to be re-routed. I had never attempted a final that remained under the covered walkways, I needed to see what might be possible. That walk generated the specific plant list for the final examination.

I began with the Premna serratifolia. One student ventured out into the light rain to see the plant from up close. I then continued to the west, following the sequence outlined in my pre-walk.

Darnick near the Ixora coccinea. I had the Ixora coccinea stand in for the Ixora casei out in the cemetery, asking the students to identify the plant in the cemetery rather than the I. coccinea.

The class was, as usual, scattered along the walkway. Nayme and Joe make identifications.

The class moves from Ponapea ledermanniana to the back of the south faculty building. Here I subbed Cocos nucifera along the road in for Nostoc.

Walk's end at the dining hall

Rewriting this year took place in the dining hall, a nice change up. Annielisa.


Kayleen, Nayme



Faustino, Jr.


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