A convenience sample survey of social media, tech usage, and stimulant preferences was given to students in MS 150 Statistics at the College of Micronesia-FSM. The survey was administered via a modified Schoology quiz that was used to pose options as multiple choice questions. The quiz and questions carried zero points, there were no right or wrong answers.

The social media survey seeks to understand where the students are "living" in terms of social media. FaceBook remains the dominant social media presence for the students in MS 150 statistics.

Small underlying sample sizes make the trends harder to interpret, but in general adoption of cell phones and specifically smart phone outpaces tablet and pad adoption by students. The laptop data remains highly variable term-on-term.
Betelnut edged out coffee for the two most recent terms. The fall in the number of students reported no stimulant usage is an artifact of a small sample size spring 2017. The spring 2017 spike is anomalous and solely due to a small underlying sample size. In general betelnut usage remains around 40% of the students surveyed.


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