Gymnosperms, spice trees, and timber trees of Pwunso

The ethnobotany class visited the Pohnpei state Pwunso botanic garden to tour the gymnosperms, spice trees, and timber products trees of the garden.

Guava tree curiously being protected

Papaya trees

Unusual and rarely seen by me: cloves forming on the clove tree


Araucaria trees variously identified as Araucaria heterophylla and Araucaria columnaris.

Under the Araucaria trees

The Cinnamomum verum trees were bearing fruit

Cinnamomum verum fruit and leaves

Jon and Dannia discovering cinnamon bark

Cycad in light rain

No cones at this time - the cones are spring events 

A gymnosperm: cycaad

Amid cycad fronds, Ann-Julie and Sasha consider cycad

Behind Dannia is a nutmeg tree, which is also the source of mace

Eucalptus deglupta: timber tree

Natasha gets in touch with the painted or rainbow gum tree, also known as a Mindanao gum tree

Natasha and Vanessa with the eucalptus

Averrhoa carambola: star fruit, known locally as ansu

Averrhoa carambola

Averrhoa carambola

The reason the fruit is called star fruit

Eucalptus grove

Students examining the pine resin on the Agathis lanceolata kauri pine


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